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Sleep Apnea
There are two types of Sleep Apnea:Central Sleep Apnea and the most common, Obstructed Sleep Apnea. Obstructed Sleep Apnea or OSA is the situation in which the entire upper airway is blocked causing airflow to stop. In essence, You are being suffocated in your sleep! 
Sleep Apnea is a very serious sleep disorder which happens when a person is interrupted during sleep. When someone is untreated for Sleep Apnea they stop breathing through out the night.  Sometimes it could be hundreds of times.  This means the brain and the rest of the body is left not getting enough oxygen. This can be deadly, and on average, if left untreated can take 12-15 years off your life span. 
New studies show a direct link to cardiovascular disease, as well as a serious risk to a heart attach, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, , and depression. In addition, untreated Sleep Apnea can effect day to day activities tremendously, lack of energy, mood swings, and very serious motor vehicle crashes.